Updates and Episode 5 Info

Please note: OUTDATED INFO!

I’m a bit too late for Valentines Day, but it’s never too late for some hot newd pixels right? The header pic shows all characters from Luisa3D.com as you know them. Well, Sybil received a face-lift in the meantime and we won’t see all of these ladies in the next episode. Telling you more about that in a bit.

I love such group photos because you can better relate all the different body proportions and heights. Imagine that Luisa is standing on her 10cm (at least) heels 🙂

The reversed version with the nudes in FullHD will come to patreon soon.

Episode 5 in Progress

Have you noticed the jump from 1% to 5% in the WIP-Window on the right side of the screen? That comes from a bit of free time i had over the last days. I’ve created a bunch of new stuff!

Luisa’s Sex Diary 2, Project Lara and new Patreon content, all of that has been pushed forward – so far so good.

But quite unexpectedly i started to produce the next big sexventure in the Luisa B. epos! Just yesterday i spent 15 hours non-stop to finish the first 2 scenes.

And i finally know which direction Episode 5 will take. Over the last year i developed many story elements and it was hard to put them together, find the red line. This works mainly by throwing away ideas and concentrating on straight-forward, simple storytelling.

Luisa B is not only about 3D Porn. Drawing out the characters and telling a believable story in a contemporary surrounding is my main motivation to create this continueing erotic story. Believe it or not.


I won’t spoiler too much here. But it seems that two new characters will join Luisa’s Universe. One main figure and one “sidekick”. Two new locations as well. Nothing’s carved in stone, since i often change direction while setting up the camera or building a set.

Project Lara - Sixth Seal
Project Lara: Lara enjoying the view. We do as well 🙂


I also have a work title going on, still looking for a catchier one.

But what i can say is that there will be some changes in the format of the story. For a short moment i thought about making LB5 only in real comic format. But screw that! Pictures will be in FullHD and i stick to the cinematic “interactive slide-show” thing. More about the comic topic in a later post…

Very interesting: I’m currently testing a piece of software that might allow me to come up with a new <downloadable> “MXMD” (My Sexy Media Display).

That requires some programming (= much more work), but it could be worth it since it could give fans a cool downloadable product instead of the online viewer or dusty PDF.

More about that later. I’m still a bit tired from yesterday’s 15-hour session.

That’s all for now. Please consider leaving a comment if you enjoyed reading or if you have questions. Stay tuned.