Tumblr is done…

…at least with adult content. You might have heard that tumblr.com, a site super important for 3DX artists and their communities, has changed its guidelines to ban ALL adult posts from the site. The big cleaning will happen at December 17, 2018. According to tumblr’s CEO this is to create “a better, more positive tumblr”. LOL.

The following text is a repost of what i have written on my tumblog, just to deal with the situation and to motivate other artists. There isn’t much more to say than this:

Tumblr is doing great 😉

Haha, sorry for the bad joke!

The only reason i don’t delete my tumblr account immediately is you.

I will take the opportunity to repost as many of your farewell posts as i can. I also want to witness the moment when those stupid dicks close my blog.

Maybe there’s even a little chance that they change their decision… uhm… no, let’s be honest, there will be no roll back. And even if it would, they have clearly shown what they think about people like us. I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Tumblr is done.

No, i’m not in panic mode. I came here for the community, never trusted the site as such. That’s why i didn’t upload my originals and ran my account more as a viewer/supporter, while i kept my originals on my own sites.

What now?

If you’re looking for a new place, be careful where you step. Avoid everything that’s owned by Yahoo/Facebook/Google/Amazon/… and Twitter. Obviously. Those companies basically have the same “ideology” than Tumblr has. Maybe Tumblr started a process and a new wave of censorship is coming.

Let’s pack our things:

  • Be prepared to lose a lot of your audience! You possibly will.
  • Don’t delete your blog before December 17. You need that time to tell your audience what’s going on.
  • Finally update your own homepage! Invite your audience to come over. Show them that your homepage is an active place.
  • If you have time, create some new stuff. You’re unstoppable!
  • Stop talking about Tumblr! Don’t bring more attention to it than it deserves. Look forward.
  • Remember to remove all links to your tumblr. Everywhere!
  • If you only got a passive account, just to get entertained and to support creators, follow your favorite artists to their new places… then delete your tumblr.
  • Even if you don’t run a NSFW blog, show your solidarity and delete your blog. Move on. Today they censor NSFW, tomorrow they censor YOU.

Hey! You can download your blog: In the dashboard, click on your blog, scroll all the way down. Hit Export and wait for the backup to be processed. It takes a while, let’s heaten up those servers 🙂

Guys, i wish you well. I hope you will find a better place for your creations and community. To my 300+ Followers: Thanks! Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.