First Videos on DTube!

DTube is the new hot video platform on the STEEM blockchain.

It’s decentralized, uncensored, ad-free and free to use!

Since i’ve joined a few days ago it only was a matter of time to upload something to DTube as well. Here it is, my first DTube video:

It’s a boring educational series that shows how i create a simple render in DazStudio and Photoshop. Read the full description here and here.

Originally i wanted to stream this session but for some reason didn’t want me to connect. So i simply recorded the session, cut and timelapsed it and – here it is.

Part 2 will show the post-processing i did on this render. And of course i will publish the final render on steemit and patreon when both videos are online.


Recap video of 1st livestream is online

I’ve made a timelapse video of the first livestream i hosted on

It was a shitload of work to put all that censorblur into the right places 🙂

Of course you can find the uncensored result of the stream session right here on the site. And at some other places as well, i’m just trying to get the ball rolling.