Good news! This week i was able to put about 20 work hours into VG. And by that i don’t mean waiting endlessly for renders to finish. I’m talking about actual coding work. It was a really productive week!

Just give me 100 more hours and the Pre-Alpha will be ready to release.

Main character Luisa in a scene from Venus Guild Game (promo render).

I also updated venusguild.com and changed the version to 0.0.9.x, the polishing update. This time i won’t explain what exactly the x stands for. Maybe i will document that later on.

Like most of you i hope for a better, more productive year 2021. Stay safe, wear a mask, have a great time! See you soon.

How are you all doing?

It’s a tough year for most people around the planet. I hope you’re doing good!

Well, the Corona Crisis hit me harder than i’ve expected. As a freelancer i need to work hard to make a living these days. Unfortunately, Venus Guild so far is only a fun project i do in my spare time. Other things in my life are way more important right now. That’s sad, but i hope you understand. I guess many of you can relate to it.

But i’m okay and still can asure you that Venus Guild is not dead!

Just today i was looking at what i’ve got so far and it really makes me excited. The game looks original and sexy, there are some cool mechanics implemented and the whole thing has big potential, imo…

Will the demo be ready this autumn, like i was planning in my last post?

Most likely not! Because i’m still going for my vision, don’t want to hustle through the work with a hot needle, only because i’m far over my deadline due to uninfluenceable difficulties. It’s what it is.

On the other hand i really feel the urge to release the demo into the wild! I can’t wait to see if there are any gamers out there who are interested in my concept of a game – and even willing to support the project with donations/pay-what-you-want and alike. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I really haven’t even thought about the business side of the project. Still need to come up with a product that’s worth supporting.

So let’s get back to work! Stay safe everybody 😉

come whatever may

What a month! Only Luisa looks kind of relaxed…

Luisa in Venus Guild

This picture shows pose 3 on position 2 in scene 1 of the Venus Guild game. I bet you’re already wishing that she would open her kimono a bit more.

But unfortunately this is all i can show you for now. I’m still working on the heavy 0.0.8 version. I had some technical difficulties this month, also a busier-than-normal “real life”, so my progress is kind of unsatisfying.

I’ve also made some artistic decisions that will change a few things. This takes extra production time, but it’s worth it. I won’t release anything i’m not 100% happy with. Okay, the first release is a Pre-Alpha Demo, i promise to keep it real 😉

The driving force is my passion for the project, not a deadline.

So don’t expect any big news this year. Personally i was hoping to have a playable version together by the end of November, but hey, it’s what it is and Venus Guild is slowly coming together, come whatever may. Thanks so much for your patience.

Have a nice time and check back soon!