Have you heard of slushe? No?

Now, a few months after the tumblrcalypse, i was wondering if a new place for the community of 3DX creators would exist. Apart from common platforms like twitter, renderotica… i was curious for new tailor-made projects.

I went to my twitter, checked out some 3dx artist i’m following, and only a few links later i found slushe.com. How cool is that!

Site was good-looking and promising, so i registered, filled out my profile and uploaded a first render: Charlotte’s Coffee(milk?) Bar 🙂

slushe.com is a super cool site for 3dx!

What can i say about slushe.com after only one day? Well, i like the site very much! It is well-designed, still under development but feature-rich already! With monthly contests, categorized galeries, complete social media functionality and even a good old help forum. If the Devs read this: Good Job Guys!

At the moment it seems that mainly creators have joined, the site could use more “normal” viewers, i guess. But i don’t know if that’s even the intention of the project. There’s nothing wrong with a site that was made “by creators for creators”.

What i can see after stumbling through the galeries the overall level of quality is pretty high. But hey, slushe.com is also a good place for beginners, since the community seems to be calm and respectful.

Give slushe.com a try!

If you’re a 3DX creator looking for a quality site to share your content, give slushe.com a try. And if you’re a fan of 3D Porn and want to show your favorite creator some love and support, join the site as well and get all the hot art directly from the source.

Oh, and finally leave tumblr! It’s about time 😉

Please follow my slushe profile here. Thanks.

Review: Clara Ravens and the order of Lilith!


Like most of you addicts of 3Dx i am a great fan of the guy Epoch who is releasing his fantastic comics over at epoch-art.com.

If you never heard about him, go and check out his site. And if you’re a fan of erotic Lara Croft fan-art – i wonder why you are still here!

In her most recent adventure, Dossier No. 13, Clara Ravens becomes a prisoner of the order of Lilith, and witnesses a demonic sex orgy that happens right in front of her eyes. Clara really needs to find a way out before it’s too late…

With 95 pages and 6 special shots it’s the largest Dossier so far. BTW, the dossier series is a picture show, not a comic, there’s no text. But Epoch is a master of powerful visuals! It’s easy to follow the story and normally this process is so exciting that you’re glad that there’s nothing to read 😉

I must confess, i’m always impressed by the technical quality of Epoch’s works. Clara Ravens and the order of Lilith is no exception. Camera and Lighting, the sets and of course the models with all their many realistic details, this all is simply beyond the human mind.

The whole thing is being presented like always, with the free software “Dynamic Picture Viewer” – yet another brilliant idea.

Okay, what’s the downside?

I’ve read quite a few comments and reviews on epoch-art.com and understand why some people aren’t too happy about this dossier. One problem is, that many things you could assume from the previews… well, they don’t happen. Even if you read the foreword the story starts a bit rushed, there isn’t much room for imagination…

I don’t want to repost all points of critisism that have been posted on the official site. That wouldn’t be fair. But – although i enjoyed this dossier – i can clearly see that it isn’t Clara Ravens’ hottest adventure, so to speak. I am really missing the humor and irony that’s so typical for Epoch’s stories. Anyway…


Dossier 13, Clara Ravens and the order of Lilith is absolutely worth the 10 bucks it costs. Sure, you may have expected something different, or the setting/action doesn’t fit your personal taste to 100%… Get over it. We are bitching on a very high level.

The order of Lilith is a dark episode, very rich in detail, and we can be happy that Clara survives this brutal situation. So we can look foward to the next episode. That’s what i do. But at first, i view Order of Lilith again.


Clara Ravens and the order of Lilith is available on epoch-art.com.