1st stream recap

I had much fun streaming some of my pre-production work live at picarto.tv. It was my first stream of that kind and i thank my two inspiring viewers for joining me.

At first i’ve modelled the “bellychainthing” in Maya. Please click on the pic to see it full size! Then i attached it to Luisa in DS and set her into pose. Some tweaking with the skin and hair as always, and i also decided to give Luisa a new make-up. A bit of work in Photoshop and the scene was ready to render.

In the post processing after the stream i tweaked the hair and added some nice pubic hair. Funny, because i only wanted to see if the chainthing would look nice 🙂

Check out picarto.tv/3dxhaven and join the chat. Read the description below the stream screen and follow me on twitter to see when i’m going to be live again.

Going live on Picarto.tv

I’ve just set up an account on the streaming platform picarto.tv and ran a first test. It seems to work nicely. So this is definately something i want to try out. It’s going to be big fun – to see me failing all the time 🙂

Follow me there: https://picarto.tv/3dxhaven

By making this step it’s also about time to lift up my identity a bit more…

I am the creator of the 3dx online comic Luisa B. and run its website Luisa3D.com. My former main label was MXM, my artist name MaXsiM.

Please check the official sites mxm-studios.com and twitter.com/maxsim to see that this is not “fake news” 🙂

Now let me get prepared for my first stream session. Don’t forget to show up: