Patreon Free* Access

EDIT: I’ve messed up! I though you could fill in the amount of 0,00 (like in “name your price”) when becoming a patreon. But that’s not possible. So when you read the word “free” in this post, please forgive me my mistake. It means that you have to pay at least 1$ to become a patreon, with that you get “free” access to all my posts atm. Here’s the original post:

Believe me, i’ve tried hard to fill my portfolio on on a regular basis. It doesn’t work. So i’ve set all posts to “free for patreons”…

I’m typically creating huge projects that are very time-consuming to produce. This is hard enough, since my “real life” tends to be work-intense as well, what makes it very difficult – not to say impossible – to run on a schedule.

It’s a matter of fact that i’m not able to make extra content for patreon, not weekly, not monthly. But i think this is required to build up a loyal fanbase that is willing to pay a few bucks each month.

So, as long as i don’t change my concept completely, or win the lottery, my patreon posts will be free for patreons. You still need to become one, of course, since my content is for adults only. Go and check it out 🙂

BTW: I’ll be back very soon with Luisa’s Sex Diary – Part 2. This will go on Patreon as well.

I’m also working on a new project that is even more ambitious than anything i’ve done before. But it’s still not sure if i can realize it and it’s way too early to talk about it. So i better stop here 😉