Luisa B. Bonus Pack and filthy plans for 2019

The year starts with a brandnew Luisa B. Bonus Pack that’s available on Patreon and contains some tasty extras that’re related to Filthy Plan.

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BTW, i just realized that the architecture of the patreon subscriber link has changed, making my links lead into the nothing. Nice surprise. Should be fixed now.

It’s a new year, so let me tell you about the filthy plans i have. Nothing’s carved in stone, but here we go…

First of all, i’ve got enough of external websites. No more stupid tumblr, blogspot and alike. In 2019 i will only post right here on my homepage, on and on Patreon. Twitter as well for the usual announcements and ramblings. I’m still on the Steem blockchain, but don’t see any potential in the near future. I’m on as well, but i seem to have forgotten about it, maybe i will touch it again. We’ll see.

As a 3DX Creator i have 3 main goals for 2019:

  • Luisa B. Episode 5
  • Luisa’s Sex Diary Part 2
  • PDF Comics of all Luisa B. Episodes

Apart from these main points of interest i want to continue/finish these projects:

  • creating new Patreon exclusive content on a monthly basis
  • finishing a story called “Julia’s Correction”
  • bringing “Project Lara” to more results

And last not least, to make 2019 a really productive (and work-intense) year:

  • Make a few “Happy Family” shots
  • Luisa’s Sex Diary Part 3
  • SEXXI 9

While i write this post i’m wondering how i will ever be able to create this all! Maybe you want to give me a shot of extra motivation by becoming a Patreon? In fact, it’s not really a matter of motivation than a lack of time. Apart from making a living (which is not getting easier as you might know), i’m getting older and family life and staying healthy is also an important task.

That’s all for now, hope to see you soon with new content. Have a great year 2019 😉