Goodbye for now…

After a long hiatus of about 2 years and many tries to continue developing Venus Guild, i’ve decided that it doesn’t make sense to go further with the project.

Over the last years i’ve experienced way too many distractions, Covid, Personal Life, Financial Worries… all that made it impossible for me to make the game. At the moment i can’t see that i will get better soon.

Plus, when i finally got back coding and creating… well, i didn’t feel it anymore. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Don’t worry, i’m fine! As long as i was working on Venus Guild, i enjoyed it and i’ve learned a lot. I basically just needed to shift priorities and VG fell through the cracks.

Of course, i keep my files and i am still full with ideas, so VG is somehow living on inside my imagination and who knows if there will be a comeback…

But enough of that! I won’t make promises. It’s over, the project has been canceled. Sorry about that. Thanks for your support, patience and understanding.

Maybe we will meet again soon around here or anywhere. But it’s Goodbye for now…

Take care.

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