Going live on Picarto.tv

I’ve just set up an account on the streaming platform picarto.tv and ran a first test. It seems to work nicely. So this is definately something i want to try out. It’s going to be big fun – to see me failing all the time 🙂

Follow me there: https://picarto.tv/3dxhaven

By making this step it’s also about time to lift up my identity a bit more…

I am the creator of the 3dx online comic Luisa B. and run its website Luisa3D.com. My former main label was MXM, my artist name MaXsiM.

Please check the official sites mxm-studios.com and twitter.com/maxsim to see that this is not “fake news” 🙂

Now let me get prepared for my first stream session. Don’t forget to show up: