come whatever may

What a month! Only Luisa looks kind of relaxed…

Luisa in Venus Guild

This picture shows pose 3 on position 2 in scene 1 of the Venus Guild game. I bet you’re already wishing that she would open her kimono a bit more.

But unfortunately this is all i can show you for now. I’m still working on the heavy 0.0.8 version. I had some technical difficulties this month, also a busier-than-normal “real life”, so my progress is kind of unsatisfying.

I’ve also made some artistic decisions that will change a few things. This takes extra production time, but it’s worth it. I won’t release anything i’m not 100% happy with. Okay, the first release is a Pre-Alpha Demo, i promise to keep it real 😉

The driving force is my passion for the project, not a deadline.

So don’t expect any big news this year. Personally i was hoping to have a playable version together by the end of November, but hey, it’s what it is and Venus Guild is slowly coming together, come whatever may. Thanks so much for your patience.

Have a nice time and check back soon!