Luisa B. Bonus Pack and filthy plans for 2019

The year starts with a brandnew Luisa B. Bonus Pack that’s available on Patreon and contains some tasty extras that’re related to Filthy Plan.

Become a Patron here.

BTW, i just realized that the architecture of the patreon subscriber link has changed, making my links lead into the nothing. Nice surprise. Should be fixed now.

It’s a new year, so let me tell you about the filthy plans i have. Nothing’s carved in stone, but here we go…

First of all, i’ve got enough of external websites. No more stupid tumblr, blogspot and alike. In 2019 i will only post right here on my homepage, on and on Patreon. Twitter as well for the usual announcements and ramblings. I’m still on the Steem blockchain, but don’t see any potential in the near future. I’m on as well, but i seem to have forgotten about it, maybe i will touch it again. We’ll see.

As a 3DX Creator i have 3 main goals for 2019:

  • Luisa B. Episode 5
  • Luisa’s Sex Diary Part 2
  • PDF Comics of all Luisa B. Episodes

Apart from these main points of interest i want to continue/finish these projects:

  • creating new Patreon exclusive content on a monthly basis
  • finishing a story called “Julia’s Correction”
  • bringing “Project Lara” to more results

And last not least, to make 2019 a really productive (and work-intense) year:

  • Make a few “Happy Family” shots
  • Luisa’s Sex Diary Part 3
  • SEXXI 9

While i write this post i’m wondering how i will ever be able to create this all! Maybe you want to give me a shot of extra motivation by becoming a Patreon? In fact, it’s not really a matter of motivation than a lack of time. Apart from making a living (which is not getting easier as you might know), i’m getting older and family life and staying healthy is also an important task.

That’s all for now, hope to see you soon with new content. Have a great year 2019 😉

Tumblr is done…

…at least with adult content. You might have heard that, a site super important for 3DX artists and their communities, has changed its guidelines to ban ALL adult posts from the site. The big cleaning will happen at December 17, 2018. According to tumblr’s CEO this is to create “a better, more positive tumblr”. LOL.

The following text is a repost of what i have written on my tumblog, just to deal with the situation and to motivate other artists. There isn’t much more to say than this:

Tumblr is doing great 😉

Haha, sorry for the bad joke!

The only reason i don’t delete my tumblr account immediately is you.

I will take the opportunity to repost as many of your farewell posts as i can. I also want to witness the moment when those stupid dicks close my blog.

Maybe there’s even a little chance that they change their decision… uhm… no, let’s be honest, there will be no roll back. And even if it would, they have clearly shown what they think about people like us. I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Tumblr is done.

No, i’m not in panic mode. I came here for the community, never trusted the site as such. That’s why i didn’t upload my originals and ran my account more as a viewer/supporter, while i kept my originals on my own sites.

What now?

If you’re looking for a new place, be careful where you step. Avoid everything that’s owned by Yahoo/Facebook/Google/Amazon/… and Twitter. Obviously. Those companies basically have the same “ideology” than Tumblr has. Maybe Tumblr started a process and a new wave of censorship is coming.

Let’s pack our things:

  • Be prepared to lose a lot of your audience! You possibly will.
  • Don’t delete your blog before December 17. You need that time to tell your audience what’s going on.
  • Finally update your own homepage! Invite your audience to come over. Show them that your homepage is an active place.
  • If you have time, create some new stuff. You’re unstoppable!
  • Stop talking about Tumblr! Don’t bring more attention to it than it deserves. Look forward.
  • Remember to remove all links to your tumblr. Everywhere!
  • If you only got a passive account, just to get entertained and to support creators, follow your favorite artists to their new places… then delete your tumblr.
  • Even if you don’t run a NSFW blog, show your solidarity and delete your blog. Move on. Today they censor NSFW, tomorrow they censor YOU.

Hey! You can download your blog: In the dashboard, click on your blog, scroll all the way down. Hit Export and wait for the backup to be processed. It takes a while, let’s heaten up those servers 🙂

Guys, i wish you well. I hope you will find a better place for your creations and community. To my 300+ Followers: Thanks! Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


Small facelift on and more…

Go on and visit for a new mainpage and archive 🙂

I changed the layout a bit, added a small news section, better welcome text and social media links. In the archive you’ll find more sexy content, finally. Some Luisa related Patreon things are also on display.

Talking about Patreon, i’m currently producing new exclusive content and hope to post more regulary in the future. In the long run Patreon seems to be way more acceptable as a platform than steemit & co.

Just a little experiment 😉 Luisa with red hair and a small extra bit. So what?

Well, steemit. After trying it hard for a couple of weeks i don’t think i have a big future as an 3DX Artist there. To me it seems that the whole platform is dead. I’ve decided to better go the “normal” way of combining website/tumblr/patreon. At least there’s proof that it can work for artists like me.

Let’s end the boring topics and talk about 3DX Porn!

I have a new short story in the making, the second episode of Luisa’s Sex Diary. Will talk about that soon(tm).

You can look forward to a new “Breana Kox aka Sybil Blacksmith” Model! I always felt that Sybil doesn’t really look like Luisa’s Sister that she is. So i created a new version and now it works, it’s clear to see that Lu and Billy are be-loved and loving sisters. You will love her, too!

You can read more news on, or – to tell a long story short – i have a shitload to do!!!

So let’s finish for today but not without telling you that you can look over my shoulder again! I’m back on for some sexy creative livestreaming. Come and say hi, it’s cozy.

project Lara, render reworks, Luisa B., Steem…

It’s September, a Sunday, and i’m currently enjoying a calm ride in my creative 3DX world. Here’s what’s going on…

I recently have fun re-creating older renders as up-to-date iray versions. Well, up-to-date isn’t quite correct. It’s not that i don’t like the 3Delight render engine in DAZ anymore, but in the meanwhile i just have learned more about iray and how i can use it more easily. It generates stunning results, there’s no question about it. But technically it isn’t easy to understand.

Over the past few months i’ve made many tests and came up with iray settings that fit well into my work flow.

I even have plans to make the next Luisa B. Episode fully iray! I’m a bit afraid of the render times tho 🙂

Luisa B.

That next episode already got a work title: Five! 😀

There may not be a title, but i have some really hot ideas for the story and already started creating 3 new locations. I think we just need to deal with the fact that Luisa B. Episodes are heavy loaded production monsters that take many many months to finish. It’s just the way it is.

Steem | | Steempeak

Next to my flagship Luisa B. i try to create as many renders and small series as i can. The main place where i release those pics at the moment is the STEEM blockchain.

My favorite interface is Recently i found out about, it’s great.

Follow me there, let’s connect. Please note that my acc is #nsfw (not suitable for work). Oh man, how i hate this dumb hashtag – but there’s nothing i can do about it 😉

Project Lara

For my personal entertainment i’ve started Project Lara, where i build a new “Lara Croft – Tomb Raider” model. It’s erotic fan art, my model is called “Laura Crest – Demon Hunter”, and it’s not my intention to create a 1-1 original Lara, but my interpretation of her.

It’s tricky since i want to create all outfits and stuff on my own as a sexy way to improve as an 3D-Modeler. So far, there is no plan for a full story/comic. Only single art renders will be made.

Again, check out my profile on the STEEM Blockchain – Here or Here – to learn more and discover my latest renders.

Recent Works

After “Filthy Plan” has been released last June and slowly starts to gain some attention, it is time to show off some of my recent works and tell you about my latest plans. Of course, they are filthy 😉

I have some stuff in preparation for patreon. Mainly high res versions of pics i’ve already released on the STEEM blockchain.

Talking about STEEM, i’m having a hard time in that small network that seems to be overfilled with crypto nerds. Boring. Everybody is wanking off when talking about cryptomoney and the network forces creators like me to tag every post #nsfw, the dumbest hashtag americans ever came up with.

But since i’m using as my backend the experience isn’t worse than anywhere else. And i also connected with some interesting people who run related accounts.

A new Lara

I’ve started to create a new Lara Croft model and made some first shots. I think she’s very hot but still work in progress.

The first pic is a tribute to Julius Zimmerman (rip):

Lara 3 – a tribute to J. Zimmerman

Here’s another version

Various Nudes

I also revamped some of my older works, even some from the SexVilla era, and republished them. Check out my profile on

Luisa 5

You’ve read that correct. I’ve already started to model new locations for the next Luisa B. episode. It’s a heavy task, don’t expect a new story before next year.

LB5 will tell you how Luisa deals with her new hucow abilities. She will also meet some people from the past. I have some good ideas for the plot and the involved models, including Luisa herself, will get an overhaul.

If you want to push me forward, then follow me here and there, like me on the STEEM blockchain, become a patron. Such little things are super easy for you but mean a lot for me.