Top secret super early prototyping.

Apart from messing up my patreon and flushing it down the drain i’m very good at developing new projects and keeping them top secret. Well, not that top secret i guess…

So, before i tell you about my latest project, please understand that nothing’s carved in stone and i’m still having no clue what i’m talking about. Am i having your attention now? Good 🙂

Making dreams come true…

Anyway, it always was my dream to create a video game. A 3D Porn Game to be exact. I already had that dream when i created the character “Luisa” about 15 years ago.

Over time i’ve made interactive Flash files, PDF-Comics, the MX Media Display, Javascript Picture Shows – and then i discovered Unity.

I’m not completely new to the Unity Editor and Game Engine, but still consider myself a noob. A couple of weeks ago, when i was thinking about my projects and took all pros and cons into consideration, i suddenly thought:

“why don’t you just make that game you’re dreaming about for so long?”

Only one second later i put all my current projects on ice.

Luisa – The Game

I’m into it. I’m down. I’m working on a prototype. I’m calling it “Luisa – The Game”. It’s a work title for an Erotic Point and Click Adventure.

I even have a roadmap and pretty clear image of what the game should be. There are many cool erotic games out there, 3DX or hand-drawn, but my game will be different. I’m excited!

At the moment i only have one day per week to work on the game. But i’m making really good progress! It surprises me. I’m very focused on learning everything i need to know, from UI-Design to Scene Management, making clickable objects and animated sprites. There’s still so much to do.

Currently i’m sitting on Version 0.01, which means super early prototyping. When i have a running prototype (v0.1) i will release it for free to hopefully get some input and motivation to work on an early access version.

Everything’s on hold

Please understand that all my other projects, including Luisa B. Episode 5, are on hold. A new Luisa Episode won’t happen this year. I’m making that game now, wish me luck. Thanks for your support.

BTW: My latest work “Luisa’s Sex Diary 2 – Sorry Sis, i’ve fucked your boyfriend… twice (at least)” is now available on Patreon (1$).

Patreon Free* Access

EDIT: I’ve messed up! I though you could fill in the amount of 0,00 (like in “name your price”) when becoming a patreon. But that’s not possible. So when you read the word “free” in this post, please forgive me my mistake. It means that you have to pay at least 1$ to become a patreon, with that you get “free” access to all my posts atm. Here’s the original post:

Believe me, i’ve tried hard to fill my portfolio on on a regular basis. It doesn’t work. So i’ve set all posts to “free for patreons”…

I’m typically creating huge projects that are very time-consuming to produce. This is hard enough, since my “real life” tends to be work-intense as well, what makes it very difficult – not to say impossible – to run on a schedule.

It’s a matter of fact that i’m not able to make extra content for patreon, not weekly, not monthly. But i think this is required to build up a loyal fanbase that is willing to pay a few bucks each month.

So, as long as i don’t change my concept completely, or win the lottery, my patreon posts will be free for patreons. You still need to become one, of course, since my content is for adults only. Go and check it out 🙂

BTW: I’ll be back very soon with Luisa’s Sex Diary – Part 2. This will go on Patreon as well.

I’m also working on a new project that is even more ambitious than anything i’ve done before. But it’s still not sure if i can realize it and it’s way too early to talk about it. So i better stop here 😉

Have you heard of slushe? No?

Now, a few months after the tumblrcalypse, i was wondering if a new place for the community of 3DX creators would exist. Apart from common platforms like twitter, renderotica… i was curious for new tailor-made projects.

I went to my twitter, checked out some 3dx artist i’m following, and only a few links later i found How cool is that!

Site was good-looking and promising, so i registered, filled out my profile and uploaded a first render: Charlotte’s Coffee(milk?) Bar 🙂 is a super cool site for 3dx!

What can i say about after only one day? Well, i like the site very much! It is well-designed, still under development but feature-rich already! With monthly contests, categorized galeries, complete social media functionality and even a good old help forum. If the Devs read this: Good Job Guys!

At the moment it seems that mainly creators have joined, the site could use more “normal” viewers, i guess. But i don’t know if that’s even the intention of the project. There’s nothing wrong with a site that was made “by creators for creators”.

What i can see after stumbling through the galeries the overall level of quality is pretty high. But hey, is also a good place for beginners, since the community seems to be calm and respectful.

Give a try!

If you’re a 3DX creator looking for a quality site to share your content, give a try. And if you’re a fan of 3D Porn and want to show your favorite creator some love and support, join the site as well and get all the hot art directly from the source.

Oh, and finally leave tumblr! It’s about time 😉

Please follow my slushe profile here. Thanks.

Updates and Episode 5 Info

I’m a bit too late for Valentines Day, but it’s never too late for some hot newd pixels right? The header pic shows all characters from as you know them. Well, Sybil received a face-lift in the meantime and we won’t see all of these ladies in the next episode. Telling you more about that in a bit.

I love such group photos because you can better relate all the different body proportions and heights. Imagine that Luisa is standing on her 10cm (at least) heels 🙂

The reversed version with the nudes in FullHD will come to patreon soon.

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