…by Request

Today i had the great pleasure that sxANGELxs joined my live-stream and requested a footjob scenario. It took a little while (=almost 3hours), but it was very funny.

Here’s the first result, more renders will follow:

Latest News

What’s going on in the 3D Sex Haven? Here’s an overview:

I already streamed a lot of my work on the next Luisa B. episode, including the 3D-modelling of many objects i need for the film sets, armpit hair, pubic hair as well. And i finished some final renders.

Episode 4 also got a title! You can see it on the preview page on Luisa3D.com.

Further more, i’ve started to produce a dark story that’ll be available on patreon.com only as a reward for “Influence” patrons. I will talk about patreon and the new story in another post.

Or simply visit patreon.com/3dxhaven and consider to support my art!

That’s all for now. Much work is going on. Please check out the streaming schedule in the sidebar and follow me on twitter as well.

Thanks for reading.